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OIA leverages years of research in model-driven causal discovery to develop the area of causal diagnostics – a progressive, explainable and traceable model-based AI approach to predictive medicine and immune system management.

Transforming Medicine with Personalised Healthcare Technology and AI Immune Health Monitoring

Causal diagnostics will revolutionise healthcare by refocusing on first principles, longevity monitoring and causal generating mechanisms to redesign treatment management beyond current symptom-based diagnostics.

Model-Driven Causal Discovery

Practical clinical diagnosis is mostly based on statistical symptom pattern-matching. Model-based causal diagnostics focuses on generative models and explanations of a disease’s root cause.

Advanced Immune System Management

Longitudinal, less invasive, real-time, and cost-effective immune health monitoring is hugely important for improving public health and delivering on the promise of personalised and precision medicine that can enable super-early, accurate diagnosis.

Remote and Mobile Solutions

We have created a family of novel and interdependent remote and mobile solutions for rapid and affordable generation of personal longitudinal data using sophisticated neuro-symbolic machine learning. This is a type of human-like reasoning that augments human doctors’ capabilities.

Backed with Neuro-Symbolic AI

The training and inference engines behind causal diagnosis are based on novel intuitive and neuro-symbolic AI – a combination of powerful AI methods at the forefront of science developed by our founders that combine aspects of rational behavior and neural computation.

Reimagining Machine Learning for Cancer Prediction: An Intuitive AI That Thinks Like a Scientist

In an effort to highlight our research, the journal Nature produced this video to accompany an article published by our team. It introduces the Causal Deconvolution technology behind our Causal Diagnostics approach to medicine and healthcare.
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Explore the intricacies behind Algocyte and how it uses the power of responsible AI and the immune system to transform medicine.

Selection of publications

In our publications we have shown how our algorithms can deal with complex biological systems even in the face of sparsity of data by using model-based approaches combined with sophisticated techniques and personalised healthcare technology. Browse our publications for company news, research updates, and important announcements.

OIA in Media Outlets

World media coverage of the research methods behind our causal diagnostics approach and immune system management

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