Why Use Algocyte?*

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We asked patients and doctors and this is what they said


Algocyte is helping change how frequently and where people are monitored and get tested, but most people (89%) are still at high risk of infection from travelling to GP practices and hospitals to get their blood testing done, especially those requiring regular monitoring (30%).

Patients surveyed about Algocyte found that getting a regular appointment for a blood test was too long (at least a week on average)

which together with the time they had to wait for their blood test results amounted to up to two more weeks in total.

A majority of patients say yes to finger-pricking over the alternatives

Patients find the main features of Algocyte useful.


The number of tests and hours that doctors and nurses request and spend on blood testing is significant

Enabled by the responsible AI-powered capabilities of Algocyte, doctors found that they could save appointments and spend several hours a week on other activities, including providing more time and greater quality of care to patients.

There was a clear consensus on time-saving and usefulness of results and analytics in a remote app and solution for rapid remote blood testing.

* Data collected from a survey independently conducted and answered by 28 people including doctors (all levels), paramedics, nurses, and patients by the Medici Medical Centre clinic in Luton on June 11, 2020, a GP practice with over 15,000 patients.

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