Oxford University Innovation Sponsors The Planting Of A Tree In Wytham Woods In Honour Of Oia’s Launch

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OIA’s first anniversary was this past September 25th and the University of Oxford planted a 4-year old beech tree in honour of Oxford Immune Algorithmics (OIA) at the Oxford University premises in Wytham Woods in Oxford where a plaque dedicated to OIA was unveiled. The tree will be taken care of for 15 years after which the plaque will be placed on the base of the tree for the hundreds of years that the tree will hopefully live and for next generations to take care. This is an initiative to create awareness and help replant an area of the woods. 

Young trees like these ones can absorb CO2 much faster than larger trees as their metabolism is faster between 4 and 15 years old. Our ambitious goal at OIA for the next 15 years is to become the leaders in healthcare technology and offer an affordable scalable solution to help cure all curable human diseases. Helping plant the tree were personnel from Oxford University Innovation and OIA, including OIA’s CEO Dr. Hector Zenil. OIA is honoured to have received this distinction from the 8 startups and spinouts from Oxford University that launch in average every year.

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