Oxford Immune Algorithmics (OIA) Appointed a Corporate Member of the Canadian College of Health Leaders.

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The Canadian College of Health Leaders (CCLH) has announced the appointment of Oxford Immune Algorithmics (OIA) as a new corporate member of CCHL. OIA CEO Dr Hector Zenil was simultaneously appointed member representative, a considerable achievement for OIA’s founder and for a health tech/biotech start-up.

The appointment puts Oxford Immune Algorithmics and its product, Algocyte, in a pivotal position from which to make an impact on Canadian healthcare. It creates greater visibility, access to key industry partners, and opportunities for network building, given CCHL’s more than 4000 members and 20 chapters spread across the country.

Since 1970, the Canadian College of Health Leaders, a national professional association focused on serving the needs of leaders across healthcare sectors, has promoted excellence in health leadership. As healthcare systems worldwide shift towards more value-based care, better systems can no doubt improve population health.

As leaders in causally driven AI, OIA will provide value-based healthcare to the Canadian and global healthcare markets, using AI to deliver more precise, individualised solutions. CCHL, located in Ottawa, collaborates with its chapters across Canada, engaging with its 4,000 members and 80 corporate members to promote lifelong learning and professional development. The body is also committed to recognising leadership excellence.

Oxford Immune Algorithmics is elated to be part of CCHL, and looks forward to working with it to deliver innovative AI for precision medicine and individualised healthcare through effective health leadership.

Oxford Immune Algorithmics (OIA) is an award-winning AI company, incubated by the University of Oxford, that specialises in rapid at-home testing for immune health monitoring. It uses the best of human and computational intelligence to deliver precise and individualised healthcare to everyone and rid the world of preventable diseases.

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