Oxford Immune Algorithmics’ (OIA) AI-driven Solution Algocyte Featured on UK’s Open Access Media Portal on SARS-CoV-2 and Long Covid

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Oxford Immune Algorithmics, the creators of Algocyte, the A.I. solution that monitors and learns from the immune system, recently published an article on the U.K.’s Open Access Media portal entitled, ‘Could Immune Monitoring Be the Route to a Long-Covid Test?‘. In the article, OIA’s Medical Director, Dr Shivani Amdekar, makes a strong case for monitoring specialised immune cells in attempting to use immune system monitoring to refine healthcare strategies. The article explains how deep immune health monitoring using longitudinal data could provide critical insights into individual health.

The pandemic has exposed how poorly we understand human health, including the immune system. We now know that more accurate diagnostics and treatment plans based on the individual’s unique immune health status are needed– which Algocyte provides. Given the diverse ways patients are impacted by viruses, diseases, and their treatment, it behoves the medical and health sectors to adopt personalised, precision medicine as the most effective method for managing health. This goes for monitoring viruses too, viruses like SARS-CoV-2, and Long-Covid, which affects a considerable percentage of infected persons. Using a CBC test, patients can be empowered to regularly monitor their immune systems to better understand changes in their bodies.

Precision medicine moves away from a one-size-fits-all approach–which has not delivered the expected results– toward more accurate diagnostics and treatment plans based on the individual’s unique health status. Accordingly, OIA’s solution, Algocyte, pivots health testing away from its dependence on population-wide reference values and towards personalised immune health monitoring, facilitating more accurate, transparent healthcare.

An AI-driven solution, OIA’s Algocyte monitors and learns from the immune system using responsible A.I. that reasons like a human medical expert, explaining its decisions so that doctors may make the final call. 

Oxford Immune Algorithmics (OIA) is an award-winning AI company, incubated by the University of Oxford, that specialises in rapid at-home testing for immune health monitoring.  It uses the best of human and computational intelligence to deliver precise and individualised healthcare to everyone and rid the world of preventable diseases.

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