Oxford Immune Algorithmics Has a Spot at GITEX, the World’s Largest Technology Event in Dubai

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Oxford Immune Algorithmics recently participated in the 41st GITEX Global event hosted at the Dubai World Trade Centre in Dubai, UAE. Innovative leaders from more than 3,500 international tech companies and 140 countries exchanged ideas and visions for the future of technology in business, governance, and lifestyle. Over five days, companies and governments showcased their latest technology solutions in fields such as 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Quantum Computing, FinTech, and Immersive Marketing. 

Oxford Immune Algorithmics was featured in Abu Dhabi’s Department of Health pavilion as a healthcare champion and emerging talent. The company’s healthcare solution generated significant interest from governments, businesses, and visitors. Algocyte is an example of how AI and technology can keep populations healthy longer, and an example of how technology can assist in more efficient and productive health outcomes for citizens. 

Oxford Immune Algorithmics will shortly launch its healthcare solution using AI to help monitor the immune system over time. This innovative solution will help to liberate individuals from ‘sick care,’ enabling individualised healthcare by creating a unique, personal health baseline for each user. Currently, individual blood results are compared against broad population reference values. These wide-ranging values do not factor in changes in a person’s unique health system, which could indicate early-onset illness or changes in an existing health condition. 

The Algocyte family of products will be unveiled in early 2022 at Expo 2020 in Dubai and deliver personalised, precise, and preventative healthcare. Oxford Immune Algorithmics is a UK-based health tech and biotech company with a highly trained, multi-disciplinary team focused on tackling global healthcare. It aims to liberate individual healthcare through early disease detection and effective health management.

Many UAE government departments participated in GITEX Global and demonstrated how they are creating the future intelligent cities the region is spearheading. The Emirates have successfully used technology to manage a pandemic and have shown their commitment to creating better infrastructure and better-managed health systems fuelled by technology.

Oxford Immune Algorithmics (OIA) is an award-winning Bio-Tech company incubated by the University of Oxford with a vision to democratise healthcare to rid the world of preventable diseases. To do this, OIA harnesses the power of an advanced type of augmented AI that has human-like reasoning capabilities to monitor people’s immune systems. OIA operates multi-nationally to build technology that moves healthcare away from its reliance on population-wide symptom pattern matching toward value-based precision medicine and personalised diagnostics.

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