OIA Is Accepted Into The ‘Cdl-recovery’ Programme In Atlanta, U.s. To Help The World Bounce Back

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OIA has been accepted into the ‘CDL-recovery’ programme in Atlanta, U.S. with the purpose to explore the U.S. market and contribute to the world recovery during and after COVID-19. Particularly chosen by the Creative Destruction Lab because of our solution’s potential to contribute to the challenge of remote health monitoring, OIA and Algocyte are in a privileged position to help medical professionals and patients, specially those with conditions neglected because of the pandemic.

OIA chose Atlanta as its CDL affiliation to explore an incursion into the U.S. and North American markets from a world healthcare hub city. The Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) is a programme for massively scalable, science-based companies that pairs founders with experienced entrepreneurs and investors to set focused, measurable objectives with the goal of maximising equity-value creation. CDL was founded in 2012 in Toronto, Canada by Prof. Ajay Agrawal.

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