Distance And Colour-based Scores For Blood Test Risk Stratification

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We have published our first paper to introduce the novel numerical and colour-based risk stratification score available through our Algocyte® platform for remote blood testing and health monitoring. We think this score can be adopted as a medical standard so we made available the full description of how it was designed and implemented in Algocyte®. The score quantifies abnormality in blood test values, it indicates how removed values of an individual are from considered healthy reference values from the literature or derived from empirical data such as medical surveys as we did from the CDC NHANES database.

​The scores’ behaviour can be adjusted to incorporate medical knowledge by assigning multipliers or ‘weights’ to individual components and is rooted on a numerical and a colour-based scheme. We test the score against real and synthetic data from medically relevant cases, extremes cases, and empirical blood cell count data from the CDC NHANES survey spanning 13 years, from 2003 to 2016. We find that both the numerical and colour-based scores are informative in distinguishing healthy individuals from those with diseases manifested with abnormal blood results.


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