OIA Members Deliver Invited Talk On Oia’s Cutting-edge A.i. At Automata 2020

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OIA’s CTO Dr. Jürgen Riedel and Senior AI Researcher Dr. Santiago Hernández-Orozco delivered an invited technical talk at the international conference AUTOMATA 2020, the 26th International Workshop on Cellular Automata and Discrete Complex Systems, one of the most reputable conferences in the field.

Jürgen and Santiago explained some of the most fundamental technical aspects behind OIA’s A.I. and Machine Learning approaches to transforming medicine from simple statistical pattern-matching to causal diagnostics, and how OIA’s methods and technology give it an edge when it comes to robustness (e.g. to perturbations and interventions), generalisation (over-fitting avoidance) and explainability, features of what we call a responsible A.I. approach to applications in healthcare.

According to a survey conducted by London venture capital firm MMC, 40% of European startups that are classified as A.I. companies don’t actually use artificial intelligence in a way that is “material” to their businesses. Another percentage are startups or companies that adopt AI, but very few innovate in AI as much as in its domain of application, as OIA with its group of AI leaders and pioneers does.

Here are some of OIA’s most recent papers published in some of the top journals in the fields of AI, automata and molecular biology research:

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