Great Evening On ‘AI In Healthcare’

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Promoted and streamed online worldwide and to the Austin Vita offices in Germany and the U.S., as advertised locally in Reading’s giant screen at the train station, six speakers welcomed 80 attendants in an interesting evening to talk about what kind of AI and what type of ethics and responsibilities are there behind AI adoption in healthcare. Instead of only poling more positive pile to AI, the level of discussion in the event was very high and the kind of discussion we would like to see more often.

On the pictures above are our meeting ad on the giant screen followed by Dr. Hector Zenil (CEO of OIA) talk on the challenges and limitations of AI in healthcare and Dr. Kourosh Saeb-Parsy (CMO of OIA) leading the panel discussion on AI in healthcare with panelists Prof. Slawomir Nasuto, and Dr. Weizi Li from the University of Reading, and Geoff Keeling from Ethical Reading and the University of Bristol and the University Cambridge. The event was sponsored by Austin Vita and co-organised by Ethical Reading.

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